Local Child Care Resource & Referral Services

Helping Parents Find Child Care

  • Referrals for child care: over 26,000 in 2006
  • Assistance in meeting individual needs
  • Comprehensive databases


Helping Families Raise Healthy Children

  • Parent Training and Resources
  • Subsidy, program eligibility, and early literacy information


Documenting Child Care Needs and Trends

  • Primary Source of supply and cost information
  • Track changes in child care and needs of families


Collaborating with Community Organizations

  • Neighborhood, city, and regional collaborative projects
  • Partner with government, corporations, and non-profit agencies


Integrating Early Childhood Education Systems

  • Partner in supporting and promoting system integration
  • Partner in supporting and promoting state initiatives


Improving the Quality of Child Care

  • Extensive training, consultation, mentoring, and modeling
  • Clearinghouse for professional development and training opportunities


Building the Supply of Child Care

  • Resource to child care providers
  • Services to support child care program development


Advocating for Quality Child Care

  • Leadership in promoting quality care
  • Innovations in meeting child care needs